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Most of the vanilla production is concentrated in Indonesia and Madagascar. However, many regions also produce vanilla. These include Reunion, Tahiti and Mexico. Note that vanilla cultivation is favored in tropical regions.

Everything you need to know about vanilla

The vanilla pods grow on the vanilla tree which forms a climbing vine. The intervention of the melipone bee is necessary for the natural fertilization of its fruits. These insects are found only in Central America. For this reason, in other countries, it is the producers who intervene manually, flower by flower, in the fertilization.

To obtain the vanilla we are used to seeing, a long preparation is required. The harvested fruits, in fact, are not immediately consumable because they are odourless. The pods must first be boiled in water of a certain temperature for about three minutes. Then they are placed under blankets so as to obtain a black colour. They are then dried in the sun and finally aged in barrels for several months.

The health benefits of vanilla

First, vanilla is a natural antidepressant. It provides a certain well-being by calming, relaxing the body and the brain. It is also recommended for panic attacks, hysteria and moments of mourning. Secondly, it stimulates the nervous system by increasing memory and concentration. Thirdly, it is known to be an aphrodisiac. In fact, its scents and taste would increase libido.

Fourthly, it helps in the fight against aging especially of the skin thanks to the polyphenols contained within it. Fifth, it is a natural antiseptic that relieves animal bites and stings. Sixth, it is an alternative to sugar and therefore helps in weight loss. Finally, we must not forget that vanilla stimulates the appetite and is very good for digestion.

Vanilla suitable for infants and respiratory diseases

We have seen above that vanilla has soothing, tonic and digestive properties. With more research, other benefits of vanilla have been discovered. Researchers confirmed other virtues, notably the fact that the smell of vanilla alone is enough to provide therapeutic interest. Indeed, its aroma is effective in calming children. In premature babies, it is used in case of apnea.

In England, dietitians even use the smell of vanilla to help patients assuage hunger. Also, vanilla helps cure bronchitis. By macerating some pods in cooked wine for months, an excellent remedy is obtained for irritated bronchial tubes. Therefore, to enjoy the best quality vanilla possible, it is recommended to choose those that come directly from their country of origin. You can put vanilla http://www.vanille-de-madagascar.com/ which is an online site. This site brings together a team that shares a passion for this spice.