Hagleitner Hygiene International – World innovation in the hygiene sector: Touchless wet wipe dispenser

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The makers expect it to be a game changer for wet wipes

Frankfurt am Main, 12 October 2022 – This technological progress was actually overdue, explains hygiene pioneer Hans Georg Hagleitner. « No more dry wipes at the top of the pack. No more germs introduced by rummaging fingers, » says the inventor of his work. The wet wipes vending machine was presented by Hagleitner in Frankfurt am Main on October 12, 2022, the first of its kind in the world: the device dispenses one wet wipe after another completely without contact; while protecting its contents. Hagleitner wants to set new standards in hygiene with this innovation. The inventor points out that a wet wipe needs a dispenser like milk needs a refrigerator.

World innovation in the hygiene sector: Touchless wet wipe dispenser

The game changer promotes sustainability
Basically it is a disinfectant wipe dispenser: the hand moves towards it, a sensor reacts, a dial opens, the disinfectant wipe appears; after removing it, the device closes automatically. Over time, however, it’s not just about the disinfectant wipe, says Stefanie Hagleitner; She is the daughter of Hans Georg, head of product management in his company. Stefanie Hagleitner is convinced that the invention heralds a new era for hygiene in general: « Customers will no longer have to rummage through some strange box of wet toilet paper. In the future, no more will towels be thrown away just because they have dried up – no more wasted resources. Parents no longer have to search for the box of baby wipes, because the dispenser solution is fixed in place. »

Digital shelf life monitor
By the way, the invention can be controlled digitally. For example, one app offers shelf life monitoring: « Especially in hospitals, disinfectant wipes must not have expired, otherwise they lose their effect, » describes chemist and disinfection expert Kerstin Heine. The distributor can provide information, transmitted online, about its fill level and charge status. The device has the option of mains power, rechargeable battery or recyclable energy unit; according to the manufacturer, the rechargeable battery and energy unit are enough for 20,000 operations each.

Market launch on October 12, 2022
Hans Georg Hagleitner calls his invention XIBU 2WIPE hybrid. The market launch is scheduled for October 12, 2022 and from then on the product will be available for purchase by companies.

Made in Austria
Hagleitner presented XIBU 2WIPE hybrid at a press conference in Frankfurt am Main, from where he intends to manage his company’s German affairs. The company produces the dispenser, the wet wipes and the specific disinfectant in a central production facility in Zell am See (Austria).

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Hagleitner designs hygiene: cleaners and disinfectants, cosmetics, as well as dispensers, dispensers and apps. The products are created in Austria, in Zell am See precisely. This is where Hagleitner is based and where research, development and production take place. Each additional branch is a sales office. The company operates from 27 sites in twelve European countries and products are also available in 66 countries worldwide through partners.

The Hagleitner product range is geared towards companies and public institutions with the Have brand aimed directly at private customers.

Hagleitner employs a total of 1,314 people. The group of companies achieved a turnover of 133.3 million euros from April 2021 to March 2022, of which 43.3% was exported, according to data from the second year of the pandemic.

Hagleitner Hygiene has been around since 1971 and is still firmly in family hands. Hans Georg Hagleitner took over his father Johann’s company in 1988 and has been running the operations ever since. Hans Georg’s daughters Katharina and Stefanie also have leading roles in 2022: Katharina runs the Italian company; Stefanie is responsible for the product range and the consumer brand Have.

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