How to stay healthy all year round

How to stay healthy all year round | mifuturonorcal

One of our very first instincts in the New Year is to wish good health to our loved ones, friends and neighbors. And this is obvious because without health it is practically impossible to do anything. Here are some lines on how to maintain your natural health and be fit in all seasons by watching your diet and physical activity.

Take care of your diet

Many people see food or food intake as a way to calm their conscience or as a daily imperative or as a way to grow. However, food or at least a good rich, healthy and balanced diet allows us to store the nutrients necessary for a natural health. And this kind of health can be achieved without having to put innumerable efforts.

Surely you have already asked yourself the question of how our great-grandparents of the last century organized themselves in order to be regularly healthy; something that is contrary to the daily life of young people and children of our century. Well, they had a diet that was not only balanced but also rich and varied. Their diet consisted of fruits, organic vegetables, and toxin-free meats. Also, you will have learned that they lived by hunting and gathering. And if today the past times don’t allow you to live by harvesting and fishing, you can still try to eat healthy foods (avoid genetically modified foods, products containing chemical preservatives, etc.).

Therefore, you can design a vegetable garden where you can grow some vegetables like celery, coriander, tomato, onions and other fruits like oranges or bananas. Markets where organic food is sold are certainly rare and expensive, but prevention is better than cure. It’s okay to eat healthy, but you also need to avoid alcohol, drugs,…

Influence of physical activity on natural health

When it is said that physical activity has a great influence on an individual’s health, it is hardly to advertise a specific type of sport. Furthermore, by physical activity we also mean walking, cycling or any other discipline that involves all the muscles of your body at the same time. Any kind of sport is good for your natural health. Whether it’s football, tennis, basketball, boxing or swimming. The latter is above all considered the most complete sport because it calls on all the muscles of the practitioner’s body.

Regular (not necessarily daily) physical activity affects natural health as it exempts you from visits to the doctor. In addition, permanent practice makes you look good and provides quality sleep.