Jones Robinson Estate Agents donates a further £10,000 in mailing funding to The Rosemary Appeal via online mailing platform The Good Exchange

Jones Robinson Estate Agents donates a further 10000 in mailing | mifuturonorcal

London, November 7, 2017 – West Berkshire estate agent Jones Robinson has announced he will donate an additional £10,000 via The Good Exchange’s online matching platform to help Rosemary Appeal move closer to its fundraising target to build a new cancer center and unit of kidney dialysis at West Berkshire Hospital.

The £10,000 gift, on top of the £10,000 already generously donated, is being awarded as matching funding through the online fundraising platform The Good Exchange, meaning all donations made to Rosemary Appeal via The Good Exchange will be doubled , effectively turning £10,000 into £20,000.

Newbury and Thatcham Hospital Buildings Trust and Newbury Cancer Care Trust have already raised over £3 million in just 12 months. But the appeal is yet to raise another £1.6m and is seeking charities, corporate sponsors and individual donors and fundraisers to help.

Colin Weatherup, fundraiser and spokesperson for The Rosemary Appeal said: “We are extremely grateful to Jones Robinson for providing another round of funding to Rosemary Appeal. Companies that commit to matching individual giving through The Good Exchange demonstrate how the local community and businesses can work together collaboratively to achieve goals that benefit the wider community, and the blended funding approach offers a great incentive to get more involved. donors.

“We are so grateful for the amazing generosity of the local community that has allowed us to begin the construction work, but we still need your help.”

Since becoming the official corporate sponsor of The Rosemary Appeal in February, Jones Robinson has been busy organizing and running a variety of events to raise awareness and raise funds.

Jones Robinson’s partner, Charles Robinson, said: “With community at the heart of our business, getting involved in an appeal like this is a natural step for us. It has been a real pleasure talking to people and raising awareness of this amazing and important cause that touches so many and is so close to our hearts. »

Newbury-based estate agents staged a 24-hour static bike racing event which shattered its initial target by managing to raise over £4,000 through sponsorships, cake sales and bucket donations on the day of the ride. Most recently, staff organized a rounders tournament for local businesses and managed to add a further £1,250 to the fundraising pot.

“It was truly gratifying for all concerned to experience the sportsmanship and camaraderie (not to mention healthy rivalry) of the attendees, as well as the positive response and kindness of our donors and supporters. We look forward to seeing what our Appeals Task Force has to offer next…” added Charles.

Ed Gairdner, COO of The Good Exchange, said: “Businesses, charities and other organizations looking to get the most out of their donations to good causes have found The Good Exchange’s funding capability to be an invaluable feature of the platform. Incentivising employees and fundraisers with the opportunity to double the money they raise energizes their fundraising efforts and helps charitable organizations and projects achieve their fundraising goals much faster.”
To donate to The Rosemary Appeal or to become a fundraiser, please visit

Notes to editors

The Good Exchange is a cloud-based online fundraising platform that matches charities and community organizations raising money for community projects with funders and businesses, as well as helping them attract donors and fundraisers.

The Good Exchange has helped local communities raise over £5m in the year since it launched and is now expanding its operations into Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and the rest of Berkshire. We are looking to attract new charities and community organizations looking for funds, as well as charitable trusts, local authorities, corporate sponsors and individuals looking to donate money to good causes.

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